Here I Am

by Bryan Perdue

Released 2013
Released 2013
Fingerstyle Christian Folk music - scripture based - theologically sound.
  • 02:44 Lyrics Joseph and Mary

    Joseph and Mary  


    Joseph and Mary were on their way to the town of Bethlehem

    To find a room at the inn

    Into the town they rode Mother Mary great with Child

    But no room was found for them


    So into the night they rode until they found

    A stall with hay for a bed

    And in this lowly manger to the world was born

    A child who’d be our King



    Yes, into the night this mighty King was born

    No throne, Alone, on His own

    From heaven above our Father sent to earth

    A child to share His love


    From out of this humble birth in the town of Bethlehem

    He came to be our King

    And Ox and man throughout the land sang praises to our King

    God Child, God man, God’s Lamb



  • 02:59 Lyrics Baptism and Affirmation (Song for Taylor)

    Baptism and Affirmation (Song for Taylor)


    When you called me by name, my life filled with joy,

    and when I answered I knew Your love.

    When you reached out your hand and gave the sign of your life

    In this water I was reborn


    And I know you my Father, my brother the Son

    As the Spirit you entered my heart.

    Through this water I live, through this living I die

    And through Your Grace I am reborn


    You have called me to the water of life here am I

    You renewed me and cleansed me of sin

    Now the key to your kingdom it lives in my heart

    I’m an heir to your grace and your truth.


    Now I ask you my family who stand with me now

    To embrace me and lead me in truth

    For my Father who called me into his light

    Gave me the key to his door.


  • 02:28 Lyrics Evening Prayer

    Evening Prayer


    Lo, the evening nears

    The sunlight disappears

    Darkness comes to cover the land

    I’ll sleep in the peace of the Lamb


    As I wait for dawn

    I want Your Light to come

    Please stay with me through out this night

    And wake me in mornings new light


    If this night it must be

    That death must come to me

    Let angels guide me to your side

    Within Your house I’ll abide


    The new day now appears

    The dawn’s new light draws near

    I thank you Lord for this new day

    I fall on my knees to pray


    And to my God on high

    Please, hear this mortals cry

    Let there be peace through out this land

    I stand by the Grace of the Lamb

  • 03:10 Lyrics Patient Love



    Patient Love, a love that’s kind

    Open hearts that know but one are the ties that bind

    Patient love,  can bear all things

    A love with hope will never end

    When two hearts sing


    If I could speak in tongues Lord,  and know everyone

    But loose the love of God, what good have I done

    If I could move the mountains away from the sea

    But if I have no love Lord, then what can I  be


    Love’s not jealous, Lord love’s not proud,

    Love’s not selfish, love’s not rude, but love‘s His sign

    Love is Peace Lord, Love brings Joy,

    And Your gift of love Lord, will last through all time


     Here’s my heart, here’s my hand

    Here lives trust, here lives truth, here lives my Lord

  • 03:08 Lyrics Here I Am





    Here I am. Take my hand. 

    I stand before you all alone.

    Please forgive. (For) I have sinned. 

    I ask forgiveness for the wrong I have done and you said 


    Take this bread and take this wine

    Eat the body drink the blood

    This is the sacrament I gave to you

    Do these things in remembrance of me


    You ate my bread.  You drank my wine.

    The sacrament is now complete.

    Go in peace.  Sin no more.

    Just stand together and be one of the blood for I said


    This is my body and my blood

    That I have shed for all mankind

    The Grace of God be with you all

    Until the day I return


    Here I am.                       

    Here I am (I am, I am, I am)

  • 02:12 Lyrics Open Your Heart

    Open Your Heart


    Open your heart to the Lord of Light

    Let His love shine in the night

    Rise up you who are laid low

    Tell the world of the Love you know


    Open your mouth to speak His Grace

    For the Lord has shown his Face

    Took the form of a lowly man

    Now our Lord reigns in this land




    Stand and say that I’m alive

    In my heart my Lord abides

    And I know that my Lord above

    Lives in me and I know his love


    Open your ears and hear His word

    Give of yourself and in return

    He will give himself to you

    And He’ll abide within you too


    Open your arms your reach is long

    Take up His love and be strong

    Lead the captives who will come

    To the freedom in the Son



  • 02:30 Lyrics Jerusalem


    Jerusalem … Jerusalem  … Jerusalem … I come


    I have come to you as the prophets have foretold

    Riding on a Donkey’s colt I come

    But you will not believe

    That I have come for you

    For your heart has turned to stone against your God


    Jerusalem … Jerusalem  … Jerusalem … I come


    Now hear the people shout … Hosanna to our King

    And pave the way with palm leaves on the stone

    And still the people sing

    Blessed is He

    Who comes in the name of the Lord


    Jerusalem … Jerusalem  … Jerusalem … I come

  • 02:16 Lyrics Betrayal (Song of Judas)

    Betrayal – Song of Judas 


    Judas came to the garden, where Jesus was kneeling down in prayer

    With his band of men from the Chief Priest’s hand

    Judas came to take his friend away


    With their burning lanterns and their flaming torches and their swords made of cold honed steel

    Judas came to betray his friend from Nazareth

    In the night Judas came


    And Jesus who knew everything said to the men at hand

     “Whom do you seek?”

    Jesus, of Nazareth. “I am He.”


    And they fell to the ground and they trembled in fear and Jesus said once again to them

    “Whom do you seek?”

    Jesus, of Nazareth. “I am He.”


    And this band of men from the Chief Priest’s hand took Jesus and bound him tight

    As they led him away you could hear the sound of silver….jingling in the night


  • 03:48 Lyrics The Trial



    He was brought before the Chief Priest and the council

    Tried for the wrongs they said he’d done

    But their stories and their many accusations

    Could not condemn God’s only son 


    Jesus, tell me, are you the Son of God

    And to this question He replied

    I am He who you say I am

    And forever I will be at my Father’s side



    Blasphemy was the charge they brought against Him

    Blasphemy was the crime that they would try

    And they put Him in the hands of Pontius Pilate

    Hoping that this man soon would die


    I can find no wrong in this man called Jesus

    No wrong to hang this man upon the cross

    I’ll punish Him and then I will release him

    For I cannot nail His hand upon the cross


    The people cried out that we want Barabbas

    Crucify Him hailed the King of Jews

    And Pilate did the bidding of the people

    For he knew that in the end he would lose

  • 04:25 Lyrics Abba! Father!

    Abba!  Father! 


    Born a King in David’s land

    Known to none… He has come...God made man

    A child is born in Bethlehem

    Meek and mild… is Mary’s child…A lamb for men


    From the desert cried a man

    Prepare the way… One has come… to still God’s hand

    To Jordan’s river Jesus came

    A simple man…God’s only Son… to bear our shame


    Listen!  Children!  Hear the words of my son 

    Sent to earth…in my name…He has come

    Listen!  Children!  My love will never cease

    God of Joy…God of Hope…God of Peace.


    (Optional verses)


    At the wedding there to dine

    From the urns… water changed…into wine

    At the pool compassion reined

    Spoke his word, cured the sick…Healed the lame,


    On the mount 5 thousand fed

    A simple prayer…two single fish… five loaves of bread

    From the mountain spread the word

    Blessed are you… the poor in heart… you are heard

    CH - INST


    Broke the Bread and blessed the wine

    Washed their feet, a lesson learned, for all time

    At the rock there prayed the son

    Take this cup from my hand your will be done


    On the cross a sad lament

    Behold the man…all alone…his life is spent

    Down below his mother cried

    Closed his eyes…bowed his head…and He die


    Abba, Father…bless this work I have begun

    Through your love…and this blood…they are one

    Abba, Father…hear the cry… of your Son

    Here on earth…in your name…it is done

  • 05:23 Lyrics Lord We Are Waiting

    Lord We Are Waiting


    Long ago, you told us, that you would re-turn                                            

    Now we are waiting for you

    While we wait, we celebrate, the promises made

    How we long to be with you


    Lord, we are waiting for you 

    Keeping watch, night and day, we long for your Word 

    Send us a sign, our wait, is at an end

     ‘Cause our waiting hearts cry for your Word 


    Now we wait, and we watch, while we look for your sign

    Yes, we are waiting for you

    And our lives, here on earth, we give them to you

    How we long to be with you now 






    While we wait, we contemplate, your work here on earth

    Still, we are waiting for you.

    So we pray, calm our hearts, we wait for your return

    Soon, we will be in your arms

  • 02:09 Lyrics Thomas



    Thomas known as Didymus was not with them the night that Jesus came

    And when they said they had seen the Lord He did not believe


    Unless I place my hand into His side see the print of nails in his hands

    I will not, I cannot believe it’s Him. 


    Peace be with you my friends His peace be with you

    As my Father has sent me so I send you

    Peace be with you my friends, His peace be with you

    Receive you now the Holy Ghost


    Thomas see the print of nails that lie inside my hands feel the wounds

    in my side thrust in your hand You must believe 


    Thomas said my Lord and God And Jesus said to Thomas in return

    Blessed are they that have not seen Yet they believe






This CD – Here I Am - like the debut CD Peace - continues the musical journey through Christ's life beginning with the birth of Jesus (Joseph and Mary). Baptism and Affirmation is a song dedicated to Taylor O'Keefe in commemoration of her baptism followed by a Evening Prayer a lullaby asking for a safe nights journey to dawns new day. Patient Love is based on 1 Corinthians 13 and love's theme in marriage. Here I Am is actually the first piece that I wrote to provide music for the Communion Service but at the same time recognition of my surrender to Christ. Open Your Heart is a cry to reach out to God and accept His love and let Him into your life. Jerusalem begins the journey to the cross with the entry into the Holy City as foretold by the prophets, the inevitable Betrayal by Judas Iscariot and the Trial. Abba! Father is what I call a ‘never ending song’. It has many verses to cover several occasions. I pared the song down to four verses and two Bridges. These sets of verses quickly takes from the birth of Jesus,, Christ’s baptism, His cry at Gethsemane and the suffering and death on the cross. Lord We Are Waiting is a song of our yearning for Christ’s return to us and to Thomas who doubts until the very end.

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