Baptism and Affirmation (Song for Taylor)

Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue


Baptism and Affirmation (Song for Taylor)


When you called me by name, my life filled with joy,

and when I answered I knew Your love.

When you reached out your hand and gave the sign of your life

In this water I was reborn


And I know you my Father, my brother the Son

As the Spirit you entered my heart.

Through this water I live, through this living I die

And through Your Grace I am reborn


You have called me to the water of life here am I

You renewed me and cleansed me of sin

Now the key to your kingdom it lives in my heart

I’m an heir to your grace and your truth.


Now I ask you my family who stand with me now

To embrace me and lead me in truth

For my Father who called me into his light

Gave me the key to his door.


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