One Voice

by Bryan Perdue

Released 2014
Released 2014
Inspirational Christian-folk music. The church's story, told through music, with an emphasis on presenting scripturally based songs and the fingerstyle guitar.
  • 03:52 Lyrics Beginnings



    I was there when the Light split the darkness hoverin’ o’er the land

    Heard the mighty thunder of His word (Let there be light!)

    Without the Word there’d be no Light it all came from His hand

    In Him is Life…He is the Light  (Let it shine)


    I was there when the sky was born, when the night turned into day

    And I watched the land rise from the sea (Let there be day)

    Thru the darkness came the Light a beam to lead the way

    A light to shine forever in the land (Let it shine)




    I was there when life was made and the fish first filled the sea

    And I saw the birds fly high above (Let there be life)

    Then a man was sent by God so all the world could see

    He came as witness to the Light (Let Him shine)


    I was there when He breathed the life into an image all his own

    And He gave creation to man’s hand (And there was Life)

    Though the world was made through Him he was yet unknown

    God was made flesh He came to be (His Light shines)


    Inst - Out


    He came to be

    He came for me


  • 03:46 Lyrics One Voice

    One Voice 

    I am one voice.  I came to tell you.  Of the Light in the night of the world

    With this one voice I will tell you

    Prepare ye the way of the Lord!  Yes. Prepare ye the way of the Lord


    And the Light shines in the darkness.  But the eyes of the blind cannot see

    Yet this one Light in the darkness. 

    Will tell all the world of His Word.  Will tell all the world of His Word



    Behold!  Behold!  The Lamb of God is here

    And He takes away the sin of the world

    Rejoice!  Rejoice!  He has come!

    The Lamb (the Lamb) of God (of God) is here

    Yes!  The Lamb (the Lamb) of God (of God) is here


    I baptized Him in the Jordan’s water.  And a dove from the heavens came down

    And a voice came from the Father

    In this my Son I am pleased.  In this my Son I am pleased


    He is one voice.  He can tell you.  Of the Light in the night of the world

    With His one voice He will tell you

    Of the kingdom that He will begin.  Of the kingdom that He will begin.



  • 04:32 Lyrics Psalm of Solomon

    Song of Solomon (Gentle Rain)


    As my hand…plucks on a string…a story soon unfolds

    Of a spring…grown to a stream…a raging river that floods the land

    The water spread…o’re all the earth…it swept man all away

    Now we know…that we live…by the power of His hand


    As raging rivers flow throughout the land

    Rending bridges linking man to man

    But I have no fear as I walk in his path of love

    For I know that He watches from above


    As the wings…of a dove…spread o’er her lowly nest 

    So my Lord…stands over me…His spirit is my guide

    For my hope…is in my Lord…and I never need know fear

    I rest in peace…for I know…My Lord stands by my side



    A gentle rain…falls down on me…and His peace is o’er my head

    And I am calm…as I walk…in the shadow of his hand

    I lift my hands…up to the Lord…and I spoke words from my heart

    And He heard…my humble prayer…now in His Grace I stand

  • 02:57 Lyrics The Light Has Come

    The Light Has Come


    Into the world a king is born.

    Shadowed by a wandering star.

    Led the wise men from afar.

    To an Inn in Bethlehem, there to greet the King within,

    in the early hours of morn,


    Here it was the wise men came.

    Bearing gifts the prophets told

    Frankincense, and myrrh, and gold

    To the swaddled child they bring, Gifts for a newborn King,

    Born to set this world aflame.




    The Light has come! Into the World

    His work’s begun both as Father and the Son

    The one true Light shines in the night

    And God’s own son…has come to be the Light


    The very God of very God

    He has come to walk this land

    Hidden in the flesh of man

    Humbled in Himself alone, He’s a prophet yet unknown

    Give to Him our praise and laud


    In the desert cries a man

    Prepare the way for the Light

    He has come so that we might,

    Be reborn and put aright, and to free us from our plight  

    So that we may live with Him


  • 02:51 Lyrics Talitha Cumi

    Talitha Cumi (Little Girl, Arise) Song of Jairus


    Talitha Cumi, Talitha Cumi

    Rise up and wake from your dream

    Talitha Cumi, Talitha Cumi

    the sun has yet to be seen


    A man of the temple knelt down at His feet

    Spoke of his child who lay dying today

    Your Hand in her hand is all that I seek

    Heal and restore her I pray


    While they were walking to the house more was said

    Then came news there was death at his door

    No need for the journey your daughter she’s dead

    Bother the Teacher no more




    Jesus told Jairus there’s no need to fear

    do as I say and simply believe

    At the house they were wailing and cries you could hear

    mourning the child as they grieved


    With her father and mother He went where she lay

    Put her hand in His and this He did say

    Talitha Cumi, Talitha Cumi

    Rise up and greet the new day


    Talitha Cumi, Talitha Cumi

    Rise up and wake from your dream

    Talitha Cumi, Talitha Cumi

    the sun has yet to be seen


  • 03:25 Lyrics Transfiguration

    Transfiguration - Light Burning Bright


    There’s a Light burning bright and it’s coming from within

    The reflection on His face is like the sun

    He was dressed in purest white there was starlight in His eye’s

    I could see the Light shining all around


    While the vision of that night was still lingering in my mind

    I thought I saw two angels standing by

    It was Moses and Elijah they were talking to my Lord

    I heard them say that He was born to die


    Then a cloud appeared and I hung my head in shame

    I heard a voice and it called my Lord by name


    And then Moses and Elijah were no longer standing by

    They were lost within the shadows of the cloud


    The cloud it passed all by and they were standing all alone

    The apostles were astounded by the sight


    Jesus said to them tell no man of what you’ve seen

    Till I am slain and risen once again


    Tell no man the things you saw this night

    But remember that you have seen the Light


    (repeat first verse

  • 02:39 Lyrics Because He First Loved

    Because He First Loved


    When I cast my eyes upon the cross

    And feel the pain in all we’ve lost

    But gained a gift unknown before

    All because….He first loved 


    Because He first loved

    I know that I can rise above

    Because I know my God is love

    And in His love He will be near

    And I need have no fear


    I can truly say I stand in Grace

    I see the Love shine from His face

    And like a child I stand in awe

    All because….He first loved


    Gods greatest gift came from His Love

    The Pascal lamb the treasured dove

    The greatest love the world has known

    All because….He first loved

  • 04:14 Lyrics Be Not Afraid

    Be Not Afraid


    I am He who comforts you though you walk in pain and fear

    And death lies in the shadows all around

    Just call my name.  And I’ll take your hand

    And my Light will shine in darkness as the Prophets have foretold

    And I’ll be there.  Be not afraid




    Be not afraid, when you walk in the darkness o’er this land

    Be not afraid, my Light will shine

    Be not afraid, you walk in the shadow of My hand

    Be not afraid, for I am here


    I am He who councils you when you are in deep despair

    Even when the mountains turn to sand

    Just call my name.  And I’ll take your hand

    For I will not forsake your cry your voice will still be heard

    I am here.  Be not afraid


    I am He who guides you when you’re lost and all alone

    And the grasses have all died and turned to thorns

    Just call my name.  And I’ll take your hand

    And I’ll show you a way that your eyes could never see

    And I’ll be there.  Be not afraid

  • 03:48 Lyrics Barabbas



    For thirty pieces of silver, His life was sold

    And he gave up His life as the prophets foretold

    But Judas was man, who reaped a small reward

    Which turned itself upon him like a two-edged sword


    And Pilate said to Jesus.  I’ll give you to the host.

    We’ll put it to the people to see who they want most

    We have a man Barabbas.  A murderer and a thief. 

    We’ll let the people chose and this man will win relief



    Give us Barabbas, the other has a taint

    Give us Barabbas He’s better than a saint


    The people yelled Barabbas.  Barabbas is our man

    Give us Barabbas and crucify this man

    If he is the son of God as many men have hailed

    Then God will come and save Him before His hands are nailed


    Give us Barabbas, the other has a taint

    Give us Barabbas He’s better than a saint

    The people yelled Barabbas.  Barabbas is our plan

    Give us Barabbas and crucify this man  mmm  mmm  mmm

  • 02:55 Lyrics This Is My Body

    This is my body


    This is my body

    This is my blood

    Given as a gift from God above




    This is the gift I gave to you

    Remember me in all that you do


    Eat of this body

    Drink of this blood

    Let it wash away all your sins




    When you Eat of this body

    When you Drink of this blood

    As oft as you drink think of my love




    This is my Body

    This is my blood

    As often as you drink remember me

  • 03:28 Lyrics Song of Love

    Song of Love


    Here is my gift. That I give to you

    Just open your hand.  You can hold it too.

    It’s in your heart; it’s in your soul

    It’s my Gift of Love, Let my gift unfold…it’s for you, and you, and you

    It’s my Gift of Love.


    And never forget. That my gift is free

    It was born in love and it’s meant to be

    It’s a song of love, its song of hope

    Just open your heart, sing this song again…it’s for you, and you and you

    His a song of love




    And never forget, that my gift is free

    It was born in love and it’s meant to be

    Take it from my hand.  Take it from my side.

    It’s given in love, for you I died…for you, and you and you

    It’s given in love


  • 02:48 Lyrics The Lord's Prayer

    Lord’s Prayer



    Our Father, Who art in heaven

    Hallowed be thy name

    Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done.

    On earth as it is in heaven



    Give us this day. Our daily bread

    And forgive us our trespasses

    As we forgive those who trespass against us


    Lead us not into temptation

    But deliver us from evil

    For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever.            


  • 03:09 Lyrics The Commission

    The Commission


    Wrapped in a cloth and laid in a tomb

    Cut from the rock of earth’s own womb

    A boulder was set to bar the door

    For my Jesus who lives no more


    A Watchman’s vigil kept into the night

    Felt the earth quake he shook in fright

    An Angel came and he rolled back the stone

    The tomb it was empty he was alone


    He said to Mary ‘do not fear ‘

    The risen Lord Jesus He is not here

    Come in the tomb so that you can see

    Now send all his friends to Galilee


    In Galilee they went to meet

    Locked in a room in sad defeat

    Then Christ appeared among them too

    And simply said “Peace Be With You”


    Showed them His hands the nails imprint

    And His side His flesh still rent

    His friends rejoiced there in His sight

    Love filled their hearts removed their fright


    Again He said “Peace Be With You”

    “As I was sent I send you too”

    Receive you now this gift of Love

    The Holy Spirit from above


    Then in a cloud he went from their sight

    Gone to the Father as was the Son’s right

    Two angels from heaven asked why do you stare

    Your Jesus will come again riding on air


    Yes, Your Jesus will come again riding on air

  • 04:02 Lyrics Peace



    May there be Peace on Earth 

    May there be Peace in this land

    May there be Peace in your heart

    Peace in the palm of His hand


    This is the wish that my Father gave to me

    To love one another as He loves you and me

    And His love will fill our hearts…And His love will set us free

    And your love….brings more love


    Seek out the truth and the truth will set you free

    These are the words my Father gave to me 

    And His Spirit brings me love…And His Spirit brings me joy

    And His Love…brings me peace



    Lord let me sing of this new love I have found 

    With love in my heart let me sing your song of peace 

    Where there’s sadness bring us joy…Where there’s darkness bring us light 

    Where there’s hate…sow your love


    Spoken:  “His Peace be with you Always”

Bryan continues to tell the Church's story with 13 new original songs and a bonus track with a new release of "Peace" from his first CD. Comments received on the songs include "Loved your songs "One Voice and This Is My Body in church today, can't wait until the CD is available" and "The songs are beautiful, I think this will be another great CD. Thank you for letting me preview the CD"

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