Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue




I was there when the Light split the darkness hoverin’ o’er the land

Heard the mighty thunder of His word (Let there be light!)

Without the Word there’d be no Light it all came from His hand

In Him is Life…He is the Light  (Let it shine)


I was there when the sky was born, when the night turned into day

And I watched the land rise from the sea (Let there be day)

Thru the darkness came the Light a beam to lead the way

A light to shine forever in the land (Let it shine)




I was there when life was made and the fish first filled the sea

And I saw the birds fly high above (Let there be life)

Then a man was sent by God so all the world could see

He came as witness to the Light (Let Him shine)


I was there when He breathed the life into an image all his own

And He gave creation to man’s hand (And there was Life)

Though the world was made through Him he was yet unknown

God was made flesh He came to be (His Light shines)


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He came to be

He came for me


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