The Commission

Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue


The Commission


Wrapped in a cloth and laid in a tomb

Cut from the rock of earth’s own womb

A boulder was set to bar the door

For my Jesus who lives no more


A Watchman’s vigil kept into the night

Felt the earth quake he shook in fright

An Angel came and he rolled back the stone

The tomb it was empty he was alone


He said to Mary ‘do not fear ‘

The risen Lord Jesus He is not here

Come in the tomb so that you can see

Now send all his friends to Galilee


In Galilee they went to meet

Locked in a room in sad defeat

Then Christ appeared among them too

And simply said “Peace Be With You”


Showed them His hands the nails imprint

And His side His flesh still rent

His friends rejoiced there in His sight

Love filled their hearts removed their fright


Again He said “Peace Be With You”

“As I was sent I send you too”

Receive you now this gift of Love

The Holy Spirit from above


Then in a cloud he went from their sight

Gone to the Father as was the Son’s right

Two angels from heaven asked why do you stare

Your Jesus will come again riding on air


Yes, Your Jesus will come again riding on air

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