Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue


Transfiguration - Light Burning Bright


There’s a Light burning bright and it’s coming from within

The reflection on His face is like the sun

He was dressed in purest white there was starlight in His eye’s

I could see the Light shining all around


While the vision of that night was still lingering in my mind

I thought I saw two angels standing by

It was Moses and Elijah they were talking to my Lord

I heard them say that He was born to die


Then a cloud appeared and I hung my head in shame

I heard a voice and it called my Lord by name


And then Moses and Elijah were no longer standing by

They were lost within the shadows of the cloud


The cloud it passed all by and they were standing all alone

The apostles were astounded by the sight


Jesus said to them tell no man of what you’ve seen

Till I am slain and risen once again


Tell no man the things you saw this night

But remember that you have seen the Light


(repeat first verse

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