by Bryan Perdue

Released 2013
Released 2013
Peace contains twelve original songs. The title song is a simple prayer for peaceā€¦in a world torn apart with wars, famine, and human suffering the song brings God's message of Peace, Hope, and Love. Where there is hope we begin to embrace God.
  • 02:26 Lyrics Mountain Top

    Mountain top

    From Isaiah 2:1-5; Romans 13:11-14



    And the hour has come to wake.  For the night draws to its end

    And the Lord has come His reigns begun

    From the mountains high above


    And we’ll walk to the mountain top

    And there we will learn His ways

    Come let us walk in the Light of the Lord

    Giving glory to our God


    And His law spreads through the land.  And the wars will be no more

    Our guns and swords we’ll lay before

    The temple high above


    And we’ll clothe ourselves with His Word.  Wear the armor of the Light

    And we will walk in righteousness

    In the shadow of His hand

  • 03:43 Lyrics Theme from John

    Theme from John

    Time Has Come

    John 16:4-22


    The Time has come; when I must go

    For my Father calls me home

    And soon His will be done

    Through the love of His son


    And when I’m gone; I’ll send to you

    One to guide you to the truth

    And He will glorify

    This love for which I die


    So weep no more; I will return

    And the world will then rejoice

    And you will surely see

    That my Father lives in me


    And now, before I go

    This command I leave with you

    That you love as I love you

    All will know, and follow too*[1]


    And we are one; The Trinity

    And soon the world will see

    The Father, the Son

    and the Spirit Three in one

    [1] John 13: 34-35

  • 02:53 Lyrics Gethsemane



    Watch with me now… one single hour, stay with me, while I pray

    And  on my knees…I bare my soul, for you to seek another way

    My spirit’s willing…my flesh is weak, help me Father to understand

    This path I walk, the cup I drink, to calm Your wrath and still your hand


    Abba, Father… If it’s your will, remove this cup from my hand    

    But if this path…is your desire, then with you I will stand

    Abba, Father… I do your will; I still remain your servant son

    This bitter cup….drunk to the dregs, this is my path, Your will be done


    Why do you sleep? My time’s at hand, the Son of Man’s betrayed this night

    Judas comes...his band of men, with swords of steel and lanterns bright

    Whom do you seek now…I ask of you, if it is me, then here I am!

    Whom do you seek now…I ask again, I stand before you, the son of Man


    A crown of thorns…upon my head,  a purple robe, I am adorned

    Stripped and whipped…nailed to a cross, for man’s sins, I am scorned

    Abba Father, I do your will, I still remain, your servant son

    This bitter cup, drunk to the dregs, my task complete, your will is done


    Abba, Father

  • 02:34 Lyrics The Call

    The Call


    You called me, I answered.   Now I stand before you Lord

    Your shepherd, your servant.  Empowered to walk and spread your Word

    You led me, to be here.  To be your voice you chose

    Now send me, and guide me.  To tell the world from death you rose 


    Here I stand before you - A humbled man am I

    To spread the word Christ crucified.  That tore the veil in two  (that man will never die)

    Through your resurrection – life began anew

    Your love and Grace to save us.  Now we are born in you  (renewed… you)


    Before you is your servant.  Your chosen all my days

    Your spirit is upon me.  Your Word I will ever praise

    Appointed and anointed.  Your Word in Love revealed

    Forgiving, renewing.  Through Bread and Wine we’re healed

  • 03:34 Lyrics Feeding the Five Thousand

    Feeding the Five Thousand     John 6: 9-15


    Five Barley loaves....fishes two

    Five thousand people to feed them to

    Plenty for all...our Jesus there

    The Bread of Life...His life to share


    Jesus took the bread...blessed and broke               

    fed them all...and later spoke

    Eat my body...drink my blood

    Bread of life...sacred food


    Manna from heaven...bread from my hand           

    Ravens for a desert land

    Bread for the body...flesh and bone

    Man cannot live....on bread alone


    Soon all were fed...mind and soul 

    More food was left...twelve baskets full 

    Adam to Messiah...prophets foretold 

    Thirty silver pieces...His life was sold

  • 03:42 Lyrics To Remember Me

    To Remember Me


    To the twelve gathered ‘round the table for the night Jesus said my time is near

    But before I go this sacrament I’ll leave with you   to remember me


    Then He took the bread and He gave it to John And He told them one by one

    This is my body given for you take and eat it               to remember me


    To the twelve He gave a cup of wine and He said to one and all

    This is my blood I shed for you take and drink it             to remember me



    The time is near when I must go and leave you on your own

    I’m telling you these things so you will know            

    The love of God is with you through this your darkest hour

    And now            that time is near (has come)


    When I speak these words you do not understand the words I say to you

    Con fusion reigns I say again do as I tell you            to remember me


    Though your heart feels the sorrow of the time at hand let me fill your life with love again

    You will do what I ask of you for ever               to remember me


    Though I go to the Father yet I stay behind rejoice that I am gone

    For when I do you’ll know Him too our Father                and remember me

  • 02:36 Lyrics The Crucifixion

    The Crucifixion


    Feel the thorns, on His head

    Feel them piercing through His flesh this crown of scorn

    Feel the thorns.


    Feel the nails, In His hands

     Feel the wounded hands of Jesus on the cross

    Feel the nails




    The head the hands poured out the blood

    His heart poured out His love

    The blood and love have blended now

     They have become as one

     And then He died


    See the tears, in His eyes

    See the thorns the nails the anger and His love

    See the tears.


    Feel the earth, beneath your feet

    Feel the anger in the darkness for His love

    Feel the earth.


  • 05:02 Lyrics Lilies in the Field



    You have always promised to lead me through each day

    And when my path was hard to walk you taught me how to pray

    You have always been my strength.  You have been my shield

    You have led me safely to the Lilies in the field



    Consider now the lily that that grows wild in the field 

    Such gentle sweet perfection has seldom been revealed 

    With a simple graceful beauty they will leave no sign 

    And Gods quiet message whispers in my mind 


    Kings in all their glory and Queens in their finest gowns 

    Are laced with gold and silver upon their fiery crown 

    But kings in all their glory Know that they must yield 

    They cannot match the beauty of the Lilies in the field


    Don’t worry ‘bout tomorrow.  What good can it do 

    Can it add just one thing more to what God gave to you 

    His Son has told the story, nothing’s been concealed

    And He has led me gently to the Lilies in the field


  • 03:02 Lyrics Not By Law

    Not by Law – (Galatians 3)


    I know my Lord He lives in me…Son of God am I

    Through Faith I know His love for me

    A love that never can die


    Not by Law do I know your love… Not by Law do I live

    By Law I was lost into my sin…No love…no hope…had I


    God gave His Son to die for me…A Lamb for the sacrifice

    Through the Spirit I learned the love of God…His Word gave strength to my faith


    Not by Law do I know your love… Not by Law do I live

    By Law I was lost into my sin…No love…no hope…had 


    My Faith has taught me how to love…But no works of mine have I 

    To merit the Grace my God has shared…With me and all of mankind


    Not by Law do I know your love… Not by Law do I live

    By Law I was lost into my sin…No love…no hope…had I


    Not by Law do I know your love… Not by Law do I live

    But through Faith and Love I honor His Word…and through Grace I honor His law

  • 03:07 Lyrics Listen to My Word

    Listen to My Word   (Isaiah 55:1-9)


    Come to the waters all you that have thirst

    You need no money to receive your full worth

    Come drink with me now this wine I give free

    Listen to my Word and come live with me


    Seek out the lord now while he can be foun 

    Lay down your burdens and seek out new ground

    I long to love you in my heart you will be 

    Listen to my word and come live with m 


    Rain falls from heaven to water earth’s land

    The seed springs to blossom:  bread comes from my hand 

    This bread that I give you is life you can’t see

    Listen to my word and come live with me


    When this life is over with me you belong 

    The mountains around you will sing a new song

    For the love that I offered has come back me

    Listen to my word and come live with me


  • 03:02 Lyrics Man from Galilee

    Man From Galilee


    We saw the man from Galilee this morning.  We saw the man as he walked upon the sea 

    We heard the man from Galilee this morning.  All we heard him say was believe in me

    He took a man who couldn’t walk upright.  He took a man who could not see

    He made the lame man walk again.  He made the blind man see, the sun around him

    And they believe in Him, yes they believe


    We saw the man from Galilee at noontime.  He told us of a Kingdom that would be 

    We heard the man from Galilee at noontime.  All we heard Him say was believe in me 

    He took a man out of the grave.  He took the water from the cup

    He made the dead man live again.  He changed the water into wine the people drank it 

    And they believe in Him, Yes, they believe


    I saw the man from Galilee this evening.  I saw the man as he prayed on his knees

    I heard the man from Galilee this evening.  All I heard Him say, was pray with me  

    He made the lame man walk again.  He made the blind man see

    He changed the water into wine.  And He died for you and me, and He will live again

    And I believe in him, yes, I believe

  • 02:34 The Crucifixion (Unplugged)
  • 04:03 Lyrics Peace



    May there be Peace on Earth 

    May there be Peace in this land 

    May there be Peace in your heart

    Peace in the palm of His hand 


    This is the wish that my Father gave to me 

    To love one another as He loves you and me

    And His love will fill our hearts…And His love will set us free

    And your love….brings more love


    Seek out the truth and the truth will set you free

    These are the words my Father gave to me

    And His Spirit brings me love…And His Spirit brings me joy

    And His Love…brings me peace


    Lord let me sing of this new love I have found

    With love in my heart let me sing your song of peace

    Where there’s sadness bring us joy…Where there’s darkness bring us light 

    Where there’s hate…sow your love


    Spoken:  “His Peace be with you Always”

Debut CD with 12 original inspirational tunes.

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