Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue




Watch with me now… one single hour, stay with me, while I pray

And  on my knees…I bare my soul, for you to seek another way

My spirit’s willing…my flesh is weak, help me Father to understand

This path I walk, the cup I drink, to calm Your wrath and still your hand


Abba, Father… If it’s your will, remove this cup from my hand    

But if this path…is your desire, then with you I will stand

Abba, Father… I do your will; I still remain your servant son

This bitter cup….drunk to the dregs, this is my path, Your will be done


Why do you sleep? My time’s at hand, the Son of Man’s betrayed this night

Judas comes...his band of men, with swords of steel and lanterns bright

Whom do you seek now…I ask of you, if it is me, then here I am!

Whom do you seek now…I ask again, I stand before you, the son of Man


A crown of thorns…upon my head,  a purple robe, I am adorned

Stripped and whipped…nailed to a cross, for man’s sins, I am scorned

Abba Father, I do your will, I still remain, your servant son

This bitter cup, drunk to the dregs, my task complete, your will is done


Abba, Father

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