Lilies in the Field

Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue




You have always promised to lead me through each day

And when my path was hard to walk you taught me how to pray

You have always been my strength.  You have been my shield

You have led me safely to the Lilies in the field



Consider now the lily that that grows wild in the field 

Such gentle sweet perfection has seldom been revealed 

With a simple graceful beauty they will leave no sign 

And Gods quiet message whispers in my mind 


Kings in all their glory and Queens in their finest gowns 

Are laced with gold and silver upon their fiery crown 

But kings in all their glory Know that they must yield 

They cannot match the beauty of the Lilies in the field


Don’t worry ‘bout tomorrow.  What good can it do 

Can it add just one thing more to what God gave to you 

His Son has told the story, nothing’s been concealed

And He has led me gently to the Lilies in the field


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