The Call

Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue


The Call


You called me, I answered.   Now I stand before you Lord

Your shepherd, your servant.  Empowered to walk and spread your Word

You led me, to be here.  To be your voice you chose

Now send me, and guide me.  To tell the world from death you rose 


Here I stand before you - A humbled man am I

To spread the word Christ crucified.  That tore the veil in two  (that man will never die)

Through your resurrection – life began anew

Your love and Grace to save us.  Now we are born in you  (renewed… you)


Before you is your servant.  Your chosen all my days

Your spirit is upon me.  Your Word I will ever praise

Appointed and anointed.  Your Word in Love revealed

Forgiving, renewing.  Through Bread and Wine we’re healed

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