To Remember Me

Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue


To Remember Me


To the twelve gathered ‘round the table for the night Jesus said my time is near

But before I go this sacrament I’ll leave with you   to remember me


Then He took the bread and He gave it to John And He told them one by one

This is my body given for you take and eat it               to remember me


To the twelve He gave a cup of wine and He said to one and all

This is my blood I shed for you take and drink it             to remember me



The time is near when I must go and leave you on your own

I’m telling you these things so you will know            

The love of God is with you through this your darkest hour

And now            that time is near (has come)


When I speak these words you do not understand the words I say to you

Con fusion reigns I say again do as I tell you            to remember me


Though your heart feels the sorrow of the time at hand let me fill your life with love again

You will do what I ask of you for ever               to remember me


Though I go to the Father yet I stay behind rejoice that I am gone

For when I do you’ll know Him too our Father                and remember me

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