Bryan Perdue
Bryan Perdue


Psalm 14 (The Fool Says There Is No God)

Psalm 53 (There Is None Who Does Good)


From heaven the Lord looks down 

To see the children of man

Do they understand?

As they walk this land 

Do any seek their God? Do they seek their God?


No!  The Fool says, ‘There is no God”

They have turned away your bread

Their hearts have turned to lead

They’re living tho they’re dead

There are none who do good…no, not even one



No! They’ve turned their heads aside

Denying, they stand in shame

Their deeds bear all the blame

They never call your name

There are none who do good…no, not even one


Yes! Salvation for Israel comes

In glory you will be clad

Rejoice! Jacob and be glad

Israel’s no longer sad

There’s one who is good…yes, there is one

One who is good

Lord, it is done.  Yes, I will come

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