One Voice - Contemporary Christian - Folk

One Voice - like the previous CDs ‘Peace’ and ‘Here I Am’ – continues to tell the Church’s story in song…it’s a musical journey through scripture starting with ‘Beginnings’ combining Genesis and the Gospel of John to the CDs title song ‘One Voice’ brings the story of John the Baptist .  ‘Song of Solomon’ continues with themes contained in the Wisdom of Solomon. ‘The Light Has Come’ presents the story of Jesus bringing the “Light’ to the world. Talitha Cumi’ tells the story of Jesus and Jairus as Jesus raises the daughter from her ‘sleep’.  Transfiguration tells the story of Jesus meeting with Elija and Moses.  ‘Because He First Loved’ sends the message that love stems from the sacrifice God made for the world.  Be Not Afraid is a message from our savior telling us we need not fear anything because He is always at hand.  Barabbas continues the journey to the cross presented in the previous CDs where Pilate gives the local mob the choice of who receives his pardon – Jesus or Barabbas?  This is My Body is a simple tune reminding the body of Christ to remember the sacrifice given on our behalf.  Song of Love is a lilting melody that reminds us of the gift that we have through Christ’s love for us.  The Lord’s Prayer is new rendition of how and what to pray.  The Commission is another installment on the journey from the cross to heaven…it’s a new song of hope.  The CD concludes with a remake of Peace a prayer 

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