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Bryan Perdue

Bryan Perdue was born in Frankfort, Indiana. He started playing guitar around the age of 15. His early musical influences were the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Dubliners, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, and Jim Croce who can still be heard in his style of music. 

As his skills increased Bryan began to seriously study the guitar in the mid 1970's beginning at the University of New Hampshire, Plymouth State in New Hampshire and, the University of Central Missouri. 

His interest in Christian/Folk began while he was living New Hampshire and noticed a lack of music to support the liturgical services.  He began listening to other Christian artists like Don Francisco, Phil Keagy, Dameans, and Brother Gregory Norbet.  Bryan found his niche in writing scripturally based songs.  Bryan’s style is fairly distinctive.  It has a focus on the guitar and on the narrative of the song, using ballad styles that interpret scriptural events or Biblical lessons.  Bryan uses his adaptions and interpretations as a means to reinforce the Gospel and to reach out and teach the lessons of the scriptures. 

What makes Bryan exceptional is the way he balances his original expression and musicality with virtuoso guitar technique. The unique blend of these qualities produces an affectionate yet refreshingly vibrant sound. 

His goal is to share his vision of sound with audiences and to interpret the deepest message that lies hidden within the music. He possesses a natural gift of establishing an intimate atmosphere between his guitar and the listeners, always with the most honest emotions. 

He considers the guitar a major source of inspiration. As he states: "It's a natural instrument that allows me to incorporate and display a wide range of emotions and moods." The guitar allows the artist to paint a rich palette of harmonic or melodic tones drawing the audience into the musical landscape. 

Bryan's debut CD ‘Peace’ was released in May 2012.  The original compositions on ‘Peace’ offer Bryan’s interpretations of scriptural events spanning the church year and culminate with a supplication for peace.  His second CD ‘Here I Am’ was released in April 2013 is a continuation of Bryan’s insight and interpretation of scripture.  Followed by 'One Voice' in 2014.  'Quiet Reflections'  an instrumental venue released in 2016.  Freely Given (Freely Received) released 2020.

His modern-day hymns have been well received at churches around the world giving a message that is at times both charming and captivating and at other times lends itself for quiet reflections. 

Currently, Bryan is working on his next releases:  “Psalms”,  “In His Hands”, "You Are My Own", "Spirit Filled" and more Instrumental music on the CD  "Meditation" 

About Bryan’s Instruments 

Bryan is delighted to play his two custom made Pimentel Guitars (pimentelguitars.com).  The first is the Grand Concert Classical Guitar – hand crafted by the family Patriarch Lorenzo Pimentel and the second Pimentel Guitar ‘New Mexico Sunrise’ crafted by Rick Pimentel.  Both are superb instruments.  Bryan also plays a Martin D-35 and a Gibson Les Paul Custom.