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The Light Has Come

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The Light Has Come

Into the world a king is born.
Shadowed by a wandering star.
Led the wise men from afar.
To an Inn in Bethlehem, there to greet the King within,
in the early hours of morn,

Here it was the wise men came.
Bearing gifts the prophets told
Frankincense, and myrrh, and gold
To the swaddled child they bring, Gifts for a newborn King,
Born to set this world aflame.


The Light has come! Into the World
His work’s begun both as Father and the Son
The one true Light shines in the night
And God’s own son…has come to be the Light

The very God of very God
He has come to walk this land
Hidden in the flesh of man
Humbled in Himself alone, He’s a prophet yet unknown
Give to Him our praise and laud

In the desert cries a man
Prepare the way for the Light
He has come so that we might,
Be reborn and put aright, and to free us from our plight
So that we may live with Him