From the recording Psalms


Psalm 15 Who Can Dwell On Your Holy Hill?

Who can dwell on your holy hill? Is it I oh, Lord?
Who am I to abide with you? A simple man of your Word.

In my heart do I speak the truth for everyone to see?
Do I love my friends and hold them near to me?
Do I honor those who fear the Lord?
Oh no, Not me Oh no, Not me

Do I walk within your Light working deeds for your delight?
Do I speak Your truth? And stand with those upright?
Do I know my heart and fear my God
Oh no, Not me Oh no, Not me

There is one who died for us and He gave the world His light
He led me through this darkness to His Word
Now I know on your Holy Hill, I will live one day
Yes Lord. It’s me. Come, Lord. For me
Yes Lord. It’s me
Come, Lord. For me
repeat and fade