From the recording Psalms


Psalm 23 - The Lord Is My Shepherd

In pastures green where waters flow
The shepherd is my guide
He leads me down the living path
And He restores my soul

And though I walk this vale of death
I will have no fear
I know He walks right by my side
and He will lead me home


In battlefields prepare my soul
Anoint my head with oil
My cup flows o-ver with your grace
Your house will be my home

Your rod and staff bring comfort to me
Your love lives in my heart
Your goodness and mercy reign over me
For all the days of my life


I shall dwell in the House of my Lord
When that time draws nigh
My soul restored for His name’s sake
He has brought me home

Glory be to the Father and Son
And to the Holy Ghost
As it was it will ever be
From now until the end