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Psalm 116 - I Love The Lord

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Psalm 116 – I Love The Lord

I love the Lord, ‘cause He heard my voice
He heard My pleas He listened to me
I call on my King as long as I live
I Praise The Name Where ever I am,
I love My Lord

The snares of death have surrounded me
The Flames have licked my feet
I suffered and cried I lay in pain

My God is Gracious and merciful
Preserves my simple soul
When I was brought low He came to me
Returned me to my rest


What shall I render unto my God
For all He’s done for me
Lift up this cup and I call His name
My life to you I give

Precious are those the saints who have died
You have loose’d their bonds
I pay my vows to the Lord on High
In the midst of Jerusalem