1. Follow Me

From the recording Bread Blessed and Broken

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Follow Me

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Another song that was written while stationed at Anderson AFB, Guam. Loved that place. Miss the people and the fun...


Follow Me

When the echoes of forever go unheard like shadows fading on the lawn
And the sands of time go marching, sifting dusty motes of youth that are gone
Will you reach out your hand and grasp hand that is extended by the Dove
Will you listen when He tells you, “Follow me and I will lead you into love!”


Follow me, in the darkness of your life I’ve got the key
Follow me, I will open up your eyes so you can see
Follow me, I am the way of life and love, if you believe
Follow me, and I will show you with the footprints that I leave

When the dew is on the clover and the sunlight gently faded from the grass
And the nightlight flickers softly, reminding you that night has come to pass
Will you harken to the sound of love and know that it is real within your mind
Or will you wander once again the lonely pathways populated by the blind?

When the light is softly fading and the day time’s gently fallen into night
The Morning Star’s soft echo is calling you to come and find His Light
Will you answer that soft whisper and go searching for the Shepherd and the Lamb
Will you hasten when He calls you from your sleeping hours to walk with Him again?