From the recording Bread Blessed and Broken

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Comes A Horseman

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This is the final entry for the CD 'You Are My Own'.


Comes a Horseman

Comes a Horseman comes a rider on a steed that’s milky white (Rev 6:2)
With bow in hand he’s come to win and turn us from the Light
A crown held tightly in his hand speaking words that raise the dead
God’s people know the signs and what the prophets all have said
The time of Peace has gone away, replaced by a time of rage
The time’s at hand the end is near when Satan sets the stage
Comes a horseman

Comes a horseman, comes a rider on a steed that’s fiery Red (Rev 6:4)
A sword honed cold in violence in its. wake there lie the dead
God’s Peace was torn asunder and the land was bathed in blood
Still he rides against the nations as they fall down like a flood
In this time of tribulation when good men you cannot find
They kill, they maim, tear buildings down, play havoc with your mind
Comes a horseman

Comes a horseman, comes a rider on a steed that’s black as night (Rev 6:5-6)
A set of scales held in his hand he aims to bring the blight
Fields of wheat and fields of barley, burned and trampled, turn to dust
Milk and honey running down the streets as girders turn to rust
The hands of time roll round the clock as the kings fall on their land
Who will hold us all together when our bread is not at hand
Comes a horseman

Comes a horseman, comes a rider on a steed that’s deathly pale (Rev 6: 8)
It’s ashen form it’s heaving breath its army weak and frail
The plague soon follows in the wake and streets are lined in death
The shrouds of linen thinly veil those that draw no breath
As Funeral pyres burn thru the night the dogs begin their feast
Beyond the shadowed forest’s edge in the darkness hear the beast
Comes a horseman

Comes a horseman, comes rider on a stallion white as Light (Rev 19)
In love he comes to conquer turn the wheels of wrong to right
True and faithful to His Father who put the crown upon His head
Sent him forth to seek out justice dressed him in Robe of red
All who see Him riding forth fall down on knees they give him laud
Who better than the meekest Lamb to proclaim the Word of God
Comes a horseman
Comes a horseman

Comes, the Son of God