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Hand of God

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The Hand of God

The Hand of God lies easy on my soul
Strong hands to guide me thru my life
His love abides deep within my heart
A love that never will depart

The Word of God flows ever thru my heart
His Grace will always lead me home
(Once) lost, now found, I rejoice in His love
And know that I am not alone

Lamb of God, blow your breath on me
As the wind blows gently thru the trees
Your wind brings life to all who hear
(In) your breath renewed I live again

The Breath of God speaks ever in my mind
His voice is ever in the wind
His wind will blow wherever it will
And I will follow where it goes

The Hand of God, forever is my guide
My heart, made flesh lives for my God
My breast infused breathes with new life
His hand will lead me ever home

The Hand of God lies easy on my soul, so easy on my soul, so easy on my soul