1. I Am Yours

From the recording You Are My Own

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I Am Yours

I come to you, I’m all alone, and I give my life to you.
I have opened up my heart to God Above.
And here I am on my knees, and I’m begging you to come
Come to me and fill my life up with your love.

Here I Am! Here I stand!
As you hold me in your arms,
take me now in the bosom of your love
Hold me close! Hold me near!
And never let me go!
I am Yours! I am Yours! Yours alone.

Take my hand, and lead me on, as we walk the depths of hell
To the Light that shines forever up above
Yes, take my hand! Lead me on! And then teach me all your ways.
Let me be a light for all the world to see


As we walk the path unknown on the water or the stone
You show the way and put me on the road to home
Over Oceans, over Seas, under mountains on a breeze
I know Your Grace and love will always be my guide


Spirit calls, Spirit sends, and like a feather in the wind
I float on paths that lead me deeper in your Love
Spirit walks, Spirit talks, Spirit shines His light on me
Brings me deeper, ever deeper in the Word


Your love’s the light that guides my way, Your love’s the hope that starts my day
And Forever I am shadowed by your hand
I give my heart, I give my all, to tell the stories of the fall
And the peace and love that comes when you return