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Psalms (Above Us, Beside us, Around Us)

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Psalms – Above Us, Beside Us, Around Us)

There is one beside us in everything we do
He is there to guide us when we cry to him anew
In our times of trouble, we fall on bended knee
Oh, Lord come, swiftly come and rescue me

There is one before us; a mighty Judge and King
Wisdom for all nations In love his Law he brings
And to those who love him from ages thro all time
The Lord comes. He swiftly comes, for you’re mine

There is one around us, whose faithfulness grows old
Who led us out of Egypt to a land that was foretold
Through our generations You have watched us from above
Oh, Lord come, swiftly come…we need your love

There is one above us who rules throughout the land
We worship him and praise him eat manna from his hand
We praise the Lord who reigns above and call upon his name
Oh, Lord come, swiftly come…our hearts to claim

There is one among us…our savior and our Lord
We sing your praise and bless you in love you are Adored
To you O Lord we give our thanks for everything you’ve done
Oh, Lord come, swiftly come…our day is done