From the recording Psalms

Arguably, Psalm 90 is the first Psalm if entered by chronology...


Psalm 90 – Prayer Of Moses

You have been our refuge, Forever and a day
Before the land was formed; Before the sea was born
Forever you are God

Swept away by water; we are like a dream7
Like the grass renewed; In the mornings dew
By night it fades away

We have seen Your anger….we’er fearful of your rage
As we know your wisdom, we also know our fear
And the power of your Love?


In your steadfast love…have pity on your children
Our sins we lay before you, secrets only you knew
Let your love rest on us

Hear our cries O Lord, our lives are filled with sorrow
The number of our days, so quickly fade away
We long for your Love

Return, O child of man; your time of watch is over
The ending of your days it’s time to fly away
To the hands of your God

Make us glad O LORD…our evil ways behind us
Let all your work be shown, let your power be known
By the Kings of this land


Teach us to live…to turn our hearts to wisdom
We’ll rejoice and be glad, no longer will be sad
Let your love rest on us