1. Servant Song

From the recording You Are My Own

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Servant Song

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Servant Song

V1 - Isaiah 42:1-4 – Introduction of Christ

I sent to you my servant for all time.
This chosen child I love for He is Mine!
My spirit on His shoulders A new creation
Sent to speak my words of truth to the Kings of the nations!
Tho bruised the reed He never breaks
The burning wick smolders as it wakes
Like the servant, bringing to the land
Your peace, Your love and hope…by your hand!

V2 – Isaiah 49:1-13 – Messiah’s work

As servant to you Israel I came!
From in the womb I called, you knew my name!
My tongue is a like a sharpened sword that cleaves the land,
Arrows at my side my bow, before you I stand!
For you I sent out my Light
To bring my people thru the night
And when I came unto my own
alone I walked My tears… fell on stone

V3 – Isaiah 50:1-11 – Sin and Obedience

Morning by morning He awakes.
In the potter’s hand my life He shapes
My Lord has loosed my tongue to speak! He guides my words!
I give my back to those who strike e’en tho the Word was heard
And I have never been disgraced!
Because he holds me in His Grace!
I walk thru darkness with my Lord, I trust and rely …on His God

Isaiah 52:1-25; 53:1-10 – Suffering Triumph

Mountains majestic ‘round me rise
Down in the valley Zion lies!
He broke the yoke and chains that bind around me fall
Now shake the dust from off your feet! You can hear the Watchman call!
And let your voice join in the hymn.
As sunlight over mountains dim!
Depart the city in all haste,
The Lord will lead and God… will defend!

God Will Defend

God Will Defend