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Bryan , I've just now gotten to listen to most of your songs on the website. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I like "Because He First Loved "a lot. I especially like the song "This Is My Body".  The guitar playing is superb.  I love how your writing is church centered, God-centered, and very direct. Thanks for sharing. Paige Givens” - Paige Givens

— WCS Songwriting Club

Thank you so much for sharing, Bryan! You really master bringing the scenes from the bible to life through music! Your beautiful guitar playing makes me feel that I am right there in Israel:-)” - Hildegunn Tangeraas Dolitzsch

— WCS Songwriting Club

It (Here  I Am CD) has arrived. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am listening to it now. Great music, great lyrics, I really like it. Next Sunday I will play it after our church service while we are having coffee and talk. It's a spiritual pleasure to listen to it. Like the troubadours of the old, a guitar and a voice. Beautiful. Once again, thank you very much!” - Obrad S. Nikolich

— Bryan Perdue Facebook Music Page

Bryan Perdue, I am glad you decided to share with us that you have created this music. Your lyrics have meat and subtance, things to chew and digest, nourishment. The music is reverent and serves to point to the lyrical content, rather than the lyrics just needing to be there to go along with a beat. For sure, you are on to something, and I for one encourage you to keep working.” - TR Halvorson

— Confessional Lutheran Fellowship