1. The Trial

From the recording Here I Am

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The Trial

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He was brought before the Chief Priest and the council
Tried for the wrongs they said he’d done
But their stories and their many accusations
Could not condemn God’s only son

Jesus, tell me, are you the Son of God
And to this question He replied
I am He who you say I am
And forever I will be at my Father’s side

Blasphemy was the charge they brought against Him
Blasphemy was the crime that they would try
And they put Him in the hands of Pontius Pilate
Hoping that this man soon would die

I can find no wrong in this man called Jesus
No wrong to hang this man upon the cross
I’ll punish Him and then I will release him
For I cannot nail His hand upon the cross

The people cried out that we want Barabbas
Crucify Him hailed the King of Jews
And Pilate did the bidding of the people
For he knew that in the end he would lose