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Psalm 107 - Let The Redeemed Say It's So

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Psalm 107 – Let the Redeemed Say It’s So

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good
Redeemed of the Lord forever say it’s so
Those He’s saved from all the trouble in the land
Bring them together wherever they may be
Let them sing Him songs of love

Wandered the desert finding no way
Hungry and thirsty, they cried out to the Lord
He led them to the city walls to dwell
Satisfies their longing souls with good things
Let us sing Him songs of hope

Some sat in the darkness chained to the wall
They had rebelled against the Word of their God
He bowed their hearts ‘til they cried to the Lord
He burst their chains and he opened up the doors
Let us sing Him songs of praise

Let us thank the Lord for His steadfast love
Wonders he has done for the children of man
He brought us out from the shadow of death
Shout to the world about the things He has done
Let us sing Him songs of joy

And some went down to the ships out at sea
Saw the works of God His wonder in the deep
He commanded and raised the stormy wind
Lifted up the waves and calmed the fears of men
Let us sing Him songs of thanks

He turns deserts into pools of water
Rivers to deserts and springs to thirsty sand
And where they dwell in hunger and in thirst
He raises up the needy and He feeds their souls
Let us sing our songs of cheer