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Lament For Jerusalem

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Lament for Jerusalem

Lord, I was your Bride (Lam 1:2)
But You, have left my side
Alone, I sit and cry
My Tears, flood from my eye

You brought me to this land
My love, held in Your hand
But Lord, I was untrue (Lam 1:19)
And now I cry, what will I do?

Lord, I let them in (Lam 1:9)
To take me in my sin
My sin brought me despair
Oh Lord, Please hear my prayer

You sent down Your fire (Lam 1:13; Lam 4:11))
Inside my shame blazed higher
My sins, You bound to me
And left me faint for all to see

Lord, Your children cry (Lam 1:11)
My sin caused them to die
No comfort can I find
No one to soothe my mind

And thru Your holy eyes (Lam 3:43)
You see what You despise
The veil You have torn down
And then You broke my golden crown (Lam 4:1)

Lord, my wounds You mend (Lam 3:55-57)
With love that never ends
And Like the new born day
Your light shows me the way

Be glad, dance and rejoice
The Lord has heard my voice
No more am I alone
My loving God, has brought me home