From the recording Bread Blessed and Broken

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O Shepherd, Good Shepherd

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Good Shepherd Theme (title was a give away). Like just about every song I try to morphed into something entirely different than what I planned...God has a different opinion than mine. I find it much easier to comply with Him than listening to me.


O, Shepherd, Good Shepherd

O, Shepherd, Good Shepherd guide me back home
Your voice I am hearing thru storm winds of night
A gift from Your Father, A gift Yours alone
Take me from darkness and Guide me to your Light.
Bring me home

O, Shepherd, you know me, you call me by name
Your voice I will follow, wherever you go
Your words, they are soothing, they calm me and so
My heart laid before you, my soul you have claimed
Call my name

O, Shepherd, you led me to cross thru Your door
You brought up the lost sheep to lie safe and warm
The Lamb on Your shoulder, like our sins you bore
And stood there beside me when wolves sought to harm
Thru your door

O, Shepherd, you gave me the gift of Your love
Your staff at the crossroads to prod me along
Your hand lies below me, the Father’s above
The Spirit is blowing, While Angels sing songs
Of Your Love