1. New Creation

From the recording Bread Blessed and Broken

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New Creation

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Lovely song about rebirth and New Creations...coming full circle. I've always been enthralled with the theme of God bringing all of humankind back to the starting point...the Garden of Eden...the recreation of Earth...massive theme to wrap your head around.


New Creation


There’s a new creation - and its born with the rising sun
You can see it all around you - in this day that’s just begun
The dew is on the flowers - God’s manna lying on the ground
The fast it is broken – and new songs have been found

The Morning Stars sang - as the world took it’s form
The Sons of God shouted – when life on earth was born
From dust that lay around – in His image God made man
Breathed into him life – put creation in his hand


There are mountains all around us - birds are in the air
fields and vineyards blooming - all is green and fair
The sun sends us warm winds - renewing on its way
And God sends His blessings – each and every day


Old ways are gone forever – Earth has passed away
God’s Holy City– Jerusalem will stay
The Lamb is with His People – The vic’try has been won
New Life and New beginnings - full circle we have come