1. Judge Not

From the recording Bread Blessed and Broken

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Judge Not

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Recycled this song. Originally written in the early 70's while stationed at Anderson, AFB Guam.


Judge Not

Judge not lest someone judges you
Seek not to destroy that which is true
The path of life is narrow but it’s lighted all the way
So come and get your cup of life today

A lady of the night was standing down among the Pharisees alone
The Pharisees said “Master this sinner must be cast upon with stone”
He silently reached downward and He wrote a little something in the sand
Let the sinless there among you pick up and cast the first stone by his hand


A lady came to Simons house and wept upon the masters feet one day
With ointment from a jar and hair she knelt and washed the Saviors feet they say
Then Simon thought unto himself why does He let this sinner touch him so
But Jesus said her faith is great, her sins are gone, in peace now she may go


The final hour was struck and Golgotha Mountain bleak against the sky
Was host to three whose hands were nailed whose bodies showed that they were there to die
One man said, if you’re the Christ then save yourself and take us on the way
But the other said, I’ve faith in God, and Christ said you will live with me today