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Bread Blessed and Broken

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Been working this theme in my head since (well suffice it to say a very long time). I've written several songs for the Eucharist (or Communion) but I believe this is one of my favorites.


Bread Blessed and Broken

We gather today, to glorify your name
And to give thanks for your gifts given free
And as we worship, remember you came
Gave to the world your own Son as the Lamb. - The Lamb

This is His body, this is His blood
Gifts given free from our Father above
Bread Blessed and Broken, Wine shared in love
Come gather ‘round His great Table Divine

Eat of this body, bread for your soul
Manna from heaven, that’s given for you
God lived among us, Showed us His way
Nailed to a cross for my sins to atone

Drink of this vessel, Given for you
Wine that is given is blood from the vine
God’s living water, free by His hand
It brings us together to worship His name

This bread and this wine are given for free
Bread from His body and Wine from His blood
Spirit within us, Spirit around
We do all these things to remember His love