1. Morning Prayer

From the recording Bread Blessed and Broken

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Morning Prayer

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Morning Prayer

Good Morning Lord, I thank you for this day.
Rejoicing I will meet you on my way.
I thank you for my life, and all the things you’ve done.
I think of you as I watch the rising sun

The night has passed the day has dawned anew
The sunlight shines upon the mornings dew
Our hearts long to be…ablaze with your fire
Just listen to the sounds of nature’s choir

In mornings light I look upon your way,
and lift my voice in song to you I pray
Your light will be my guide and ever lead me home
Knowing I am yours, yours alone

Let nothing separate us on this morn.
The promise of your love will keep me warm
Your whisper in my heart, each beat that draws you near
Brings the day to fullness and good cheer