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The Annunciation (capo 5)

The angel came and smiled upon this virgin child
And he told her that you need not fear
You have found the favor of our Lord above
You will bring the world His gift of love
He will be called Emmanuel

A son conceived will grow within your virgin womb
And David’s throne will be given to His hand
He’ll rule the house of Jacob till the end of time
Through His love His guiding Light will shine
He will be called Counselor

Finding strength though in doubt she stood her ground
She asked the angel how this birth would be
Before you stands a maid - A virgin true indeed
Who cannot bear this fruit without a seed
He will be called Wonderful

Gabriel said His power would overshadow you
The Holy child will be the Son of God
Mary said, Behold! I am the servant of the Lord
Let it be according to your word
He will be called the Prince of Peace
He will be called the Son of God
He will be called Emmanuel