1. Ashes


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On my head a cross of ash
Made from palms of Easter past
A promise made for which we yearn
To Eden’s waters we will soon return

How long oh Lord I ask,
before your hand completes the task
For only you, Oh Lord I wait
I need the love that only you can sate

Like an owl in the desert sun,
I lie awake 'til the evening comes
A bread of ash, and a cup of tears
I long for you through all my dying years


I sorrow deep in dust and ash,
Dry and parched an empty flask
From this sorrow I awake
And wait for you upon the watchman’s gate

Forsake me not, Oh Lord I pray
Stay with me throughout this day
Oh Lord I ask you to hear my plea
Into your light I pray deliver me


I lie awake at night and cry
My eye grows weak and inside I die
My eyes no longer see the light
I fear the darkness in the coming night

Like a man who cannot hear
Who cannot speak or hold you near
My soul thirsts like the desert sand
Reflecting works springing from your loving hands


The lonely sparrow builds her nest
Upon your altar she will rest
In your sight her young she’ll raise
spend their days singing of your loving praise

On your altar now I lay
My broken heart contrite and fey
A withered spirit broke in two
Restore to me the joy in loving you