1. Spirit Filled

From the recording You Are My Own

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Spirit Filled

Spirit filled we offer our love for all man
Joined with the Spirit bring peace to His land
We go where He leads us speaking Words straight from the heart
Spirit filled with love that never parts

Spirit filled we bring you a peace to lay your head
Gentleness and kindness to greet the days ahead
Life that was so empty now is filled with Grace Divine
Spirit filled in peace our lives intwine


Spirit filled in faith. Bring Joy to sing your praise
Made for your service to guide men in Your ways
In His light we speak His Word to comfort all your fears
Spirit filled to help us through the years

Spirit filled so gentle, it soothes my troubled soul
Brings to us a calmness, A Word that makes us whole
We were made for service to care for all mankind
Spirit filled with Christ, our lives refined