From the recording You Are My Own

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Entombment of Christ

His death foretold has begun.
Mary stood watch with her son.
Words rang clear ‘IT IS DONE!’
Sing our prayers to the One!
Nailed to a cross for our sins there He died.
The Veil was torn, and the angels all cried.

Joseph, Christ’s body laid claim;
Down from this cross of shame.
All to honor His name!
Body unbroken remains.
In the warm water the dross washed away.
His bruises and wounds on their hearts did stay.

Incense to burn: Glorify!
Spices to lay: purify!
Body prepared: dignified!
All that we pray: Sanctify!
The stone rolled in place - a death watch pursued
All through the Sabbath till morning dawned new

Good Friday End Song here with Am chord
Additional Lyric …post resurrection

Mary and Martha came down
Spices and oils for His gown
An Empty tomb was found
Shroud was laid on the ground
An angel of the Lord He said have no fear
The Risen Lord Jesus He is not here
The Risen Lord Jesus He is not here