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Psalm 22 - Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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Psalm 22 Why Have You Forsaken Me

My God, My God, Why have you gone from me?
Why are you far from saving me?
My god, I cry but you do not answer me,
and by night I can find no rest.

But you are Holy, Holy, Holy God of Israel
Our fathers trusted you and you de livered them

To you they cried and you came and you rescued them
Stay by my side, O Lord, for death draws near to me.

I’m not a man, just a worm, despised by everyone
They curse and wag their heads, and mock me so
“He trusts in God: let God deliver him
Let him rescue those who delight in him”

They cried “Sanctus, Sanctus, Holy God of Israel”
You took me from the womb, and loved me since my birth
On you I was cast from my birth and from my mothers womb
Be not far from me, for the time draws near

I am poured out like water my bones are out of joint
My heart melts like wax within my breast
My strength is dried up like the desert sand
My tongue sticks to my jaw. I’m at deaths door

They cried, “Sanctus, Kyrie, Holy God of Israel”
The dogs encircle me; they pierced my hands and feet
I count my bones as they stare and gloat over me
They divide my clothes below and the die is thrown

But you O Lord, are my help; come quickly to my aid.
Deliver me from the power of the dog.
I will sing your praises throughout all the land,
And kings will worship you, O Sovereign Lord

And they’ll sing, “Sanctus, Kyrie, Holy God of Israel”
We shall proclaim your name ‘til the end of time.
The sons of Jacobs tree and those who are yet unborn
This word we bring to you; it is done!

Sanctus, Kyrie, Holy God of Israel.
This word we bring to you; It is done!