From the recording Psalms


Psalm 79 – How Long, O Lord?

How long, O Lord; Will your anger be forevermore?
How long, O Lord; Will you feed your burning fire?
How long, O Lord; Will you deny Jerusalem?
How long, O Lord; Will Israel call your name out loud?

Oh, Heavenly Father, nations came and took Israel away
Killed your servants let their bodies lay
See how their blood flows, just like a river, around Jerusalem
In the ruins, Your holy temple lies

Oh, Heavenly Father, come to meet us, for we are brought down low
Help us God of our salvation, come
Let your compassion, deliver us, and atone for all our sins
Let the nations, know you are our God


Oh, Heavenly Father, hear the groaning, your people Israel
Carry them to your salvation now
Sheep of Your pasture, heirs to your kingdom, give thanks forevermore
Generation sing you songs of praise