From the recording You Are My Own

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The Ascension of Our Lord

On the cross He died.
From the tomb He walked away.
O Death! Where is your sting?
O Grave! Where is the vic-to-ry you claim?
Death is swallowed by my Lord!
Death will never, ever, have a hold on me!
Jesus washed away my tears,
And cleared away the shame from all the land.


Glorified! My Jesus has been Glorified!
He lives in Majesty! He’s Glorified
My king will come again, in a cloud he will descend
And all will kneel before the King of kings!

He’s before us now.
And ever with the Father
Speaks for all in faith.
O Lord, High Priest you stand in my own place
Before the wrath of God
A gift of God by Grace thru faith in You
There’s a better hope for me
That Sinless I will stand before God’s throne.


With our face unveiled.
We can feel the Pot-ters hand.
He molds us as His own.
We are Heirs! And we will gladly serve our God in love
We are Yours We are Yours alone!
He gives Hope and strength to all who call His name
All will know my Jesus lives,
the Prince of Peace He reigns in heav’n above


He has sent His love.
As the Spir-it that was sent to us to guide us on
In Your Word. We speak boldly and proclaim Your Love
From the Mountains to the Sea.
We talk and spread Your Word as we walk the land
Your truth will set them free
The chains will be undone by God’s own hand



Glorified! Jesus has been Glorified!!
Jesus calls to me to guide me Home!